The fact that Dean is the demon - the literal successor of Cain, the epitome of evil and murder and sin itself - yet all the previews show, all the fandom is talking about, is how Sam is the real monster pisses me off beyond belief.

Even more than when people call Bucky Barnes a villain

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The fact that Dean is the demon - the literal successor of Cain, the epitome of evil and murder and sin itself - yet all the previews show, all the fandom is talking about, is how Sam is the real monster pisses me off beyond belief.

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It’s unimaginable and disgusting that this happens to children that don’t even understand what’s happening to them.



If you want to be friends with me you don’t have to be “Hi, um, can, ya know, we be friends?”

It is 1000000000000000000000% percent ok if you just go into my inbox can go. “Man, I am so fucking pissed off at fucking Larry.” And I’ll most likely respond with, “Oh shit! What did Larry do now?” 


Why is it always “Dumbledore is my fave” or “Dumbledore is abusive” and never “Dumbledore is so fucking afraid of letting another dark wizard come to power that he channels his own darkness into training a human weapon from childhood to fight the darkness that he knows he can’t while pretending to be the wise wizard mentor that he wishes he actually was wow that is a super fascinating character and we should write all the fanfiction about it?”






Guys, seriously, stop with the Team Doctor vs Team Danny

It’s silly and petty and frankly, not worthy of Who

SO onboard team Clara can do whatever the hell she wants

Team Clara is what the show presents. Team Doctor, and any other ‘team’, is what this pudding-headed fanbase twists it into.

You know how Tumblr criticizes the media for turning The Hunger Games into Team Gale vs. Team Peeta instead of realizing that all along we have only been presented with Team Katniss?





i was talking to a guy and he said “if there were no laws you could be raped at any point of the day” and i replied with “yeah and i could retaliate by stabbing the rapist, hey i mean there are no laws” and he said “rape isn’t that bad, stabbing someone is a little over dramatic” wtf.







To those of you upset by my comments about the book signing,

I’m not an arrogant bitch. I was observing something that I viewed as inappropriate. Dressing up as Castiel for a book signing that has nothing to do with Supernatural is the equivalent to dressing up as the Terminator…




The issue with Fox’s misogyny toward female pilots is that it reinforces the very thing military women already deal with from male counterparts.

And veterans are speaking out.

Read an open letter to Fox about Eric Bolling’s “boobs on the ground” remark, written by U.S. military veterans from the Truman Nat’l Security project:

Before you jump to the standby excuse that you were “just making a joke” or “having a laugh,” let the men amongst our number preemptively respond: You are not funny. You are not clever. And you are not excused. Perhaps the phrase “boys will be boys”—inevitably uttered wherever misogyny is present—is relevant. Men would never insult and demean a fellow servicemember; boys think saying the word ‘boobs’ is funny.

The less obvious implication of your remarks, however, is that by offending an ally and cheapening her contribution, you are actively hurting the mission. We need to send a clear message that anyone, male or female, who will stand up to ISIS and get the job done is worthy of our respect and gratitude.

We issue an apology on your behalf to Major Al Mansouri knowing that anything your producers force you to say will be contrived and insincere. Major, we’re sincerely sorry for the rudeness; clearly, these boys don’t take your service seriously, but we and the rest of the American public do.

Disclosure: Lisa Reed is a Media Matters employee. 

Remember: To the pigs at Fox (and their masters Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes) - and every man who thinks like them - a woman could find the cure for cancer or be a war hero, and she’d still be the focus of 1960s-era jokes about how women are brainless sex toys.

You know who your allies are—and who your enemies are.  And Fox News is an enemy.


Diana has no time for your sexist rhetoric.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman 05 // Ivan Cohen, marcusto

“I hate being uncomfortable, and I laugh a lot when I’m uncomfortable, so I was pretty much giggling the whole time because I did feel uncomfortable in it. And I knew that the crew was uncomfortable about it, so I kept trying to crack jokes and make light of the situation because it was really awkward. I was strapped to this thing in barely any clothes and it was freezing cold. But Julie [McNiven] was there the whole time with me, and because I was tied up she’d cover me up and clean me off when the blood was running down in certain places. Having my friend there really helped.”

Genevieve Cortese talking about Ruby’s torture scene in “Heaven and Hell” (via freckledbuttchester)’ (via stickingupforsammy)

It’s nice that Julie was there to help her, but why couldn’t the writers just let her have some clothes on if it was cold enough to actually make her uncomfortable? Especially since they knew she was uncomfortable, and the crew was uncomfortable as well. There’s NO reason why Ruby had to be naked while she was being tortured. It wasn’t necessary at all. The writers did the same thing with Meg too, when it was not needed. When Alistair was being tortured by Dean, he was fully dressed. Sam and Dean have never been stripped to be tortured. In fact, no male character has been tortured while naked. Not only is being naked uncomfortable for the actresses (or at least for Genevieve, although I doubt it would be comfortable for anyone), it also sexualizes violence against women. 

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A Pythagorean cup looks like a normal drinking cup, except that the bowl has a central column in it. It was supposedly invented by Pythagoras of Samos (yes, that one). It allows the user to fill the cup with wine up to a certain level. If the user fills only to that level, the imbiber may enjoy a drink in peace. If, however, the user gets greedy, the cup dumps all the wine into the unfortunate victim’s lap.

Pythagoras sounds like a real asshole.

he was